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Our work

With the participation of “SMP BUVE” Ltd. workers, former “Transceltnieks“ Ltd. workers, the following publically important objects have been built:

1. «STATOIL» и «NESTE» – oil terminals in Riga – projection and development of Railway Park, construction of underground communications, civil buildings and constructions (international project) – 8 mil. LVL;

2. «LSEZ» – redevelopment of purifying constructions in Liepaja and replacement of urban
underground communications (international project) – 2.5 mil. LVL;

3. Rebuilding of the hotel “Karavella” in Riga, residential properties on Slokas Street 25, Dzirnavu
151, Jelgavas 63 – 1.5 mil. LVL;

4. Development of residential properties in Jurmala – Bulduru ave. 83, Kr. Barona Street 1, Bulduru
ave. 108a – 0.5 mil LVL;

5. Development of holiday apartments in Jurmala, Dzintaru ave. 13/15 – 7 mil. LVL;

6.  Installation of the system of pneumo-post at the railway terminal “Juras park” in Ventspils
railway junction and “Rezekne Station 2, Reception park” (Latvian railway corridor East-West) – 0.6
mil LVL

7. Initial development works of Coal Terminal in Ventspils – 1.3 mil LVL.

During the period of 2010 – 2012 “SMP BUVE” Ltd. completed the following projects:

1. Rebuilding of premises in Riga, Valnu Street 31 – 0.5 mil. LVL;

2. Building of monolithic iron-concrete frame of the residential property in Jurmala, Emelinas Street 1 – 0.6 mil. LVL;

3. Initial works on residential houses in Jurmala, Bulduru ave. 21 – 0.2 mil. LVL;

4. Building of monolithic iron-concrete frame and external nets of the guest house in Jurmala, Ikskiles street 1 – 0.8 mil. LVL;