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“SMP BUVE” Ltd. was founded in 2010 as a result of the change of owners of “Transceltnieks“ Ltd.

Some engineering and technical workers moved to work for “SMP BUVE” Ltd. Machinery and equipment have been divided in the same way.Head of “SMP BUVE” Ltd. Sergey Monakhov, from 1991 to 2010 was a chief executive of “Transceltnieks“ Ltd.

  Main directions of our activities are:  

• All development and assembling works (ground, concrete, construction and decorating, engineering and technical works on buildings, constructions, communications) – project works, development, reconstruction;

• Project works, development, reconstruction, front-end repairs of railway tracks;

• Project works, development and reconstruction of subcrane tracks, tram tracks.

  Our engineering-technical stuff:  

S. Monahov
building – Nr.20-1667
railway development and supervision – Nr.35-2
railway projection – Nr.35-8

P. Erglis
technical supervision and development – Nr.20-3524

K. Kalpins
development and technical supervision – Nr.S3-255

K. Monahov – building engineer

K. Bincis – computer engineer

A. Kujbarov
railway project maker Nr.35 – 38

Maris Sulcs
Viktor Afanasjev
Aleksey Maksajs
Dmitry Belov

Our company and JSV A.C.B have all the necessary construction machinery to carry out construction work of any complexity.

Since 2013 SMP Būve SIA joined JSV A.C.B. construction group, whose consolidated turnover in 2013 was more than 110 million euros.